You can reach any AINC staff member by dialing (303) 786-7777 and entering the extension listed in their profile below. Staff members can also be reached individually through an online contact form.

David Dawson, Executive Director & Founder (ext. 101)

David Dawson, Executive Director & Founder

David Dawson is the Executive Director and Founder of the Audio Information Network of Colorado. Prior to organizing AINC in 1990, David taught school, worked in vocational rehabilitation with the blind, and served with the Federal Government as a civil rights compliance officer. He earned his B.A. in Business and Mass Communication and his M.A. in Special Education and Public School Administration from the University of Iowa. In 2005 the Governor appointed David to be a member of the Board of Trustees for The Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind. He thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to serve as a volunteer on the board.

Contact David if you have questions, suggestions or concerns about the general management and administration of AINC or fundraising donations, suggestions and ideas.

Kim Ann Wardlow, Director of Marketing (ext. 112)

Kim Ann began her association with AINC as a volunteer reader in 1998. Prior to joining AINC in 2001, Kim Ann served as a Business Development Manager for GE Access, a Senior Marketing Coordinator for the URS Corporation and a Marketing Specialist for the Colorado Department of Agriculture. A Colorado native, Kim Ann grew up in Lamar and earned her M.L.S Degree in Global Business and Culture and a B.A. Degree in International Studies from the University of Denver.

 Contact Kim Ann for communications, media, and outreach. Kim Ann coordinates public speaking for AINC and is also available to speak to low vision support groups, consumer groups of the blind, professional organizations, service clubs and community groups throughout the state.

Kat Bradbury, Director of Volunteer Services (ext. 103)

Kat Bradbury image

Kat Bradbury began volunteering for AINC as a reader in 1995. Kat's education and background is in the field of holistic nursing with an emphasis on behavioral and educational psychology. Prior to joining AINC's staff in 2000, Kat worked as a Clinical Specialist for Arapahoe Mental Health Center, a Program Manager in Fort Collins for dual diagnosis clientele and as a nurse in both the state and private mental hospital sectors in California. Kat earned her B.S.N. from California State College in San Bernardino.

Kat has been recently married hence the name change from Lindgren, to Bradbury.

Contact Kat for information about volunteer opportunities at AINC, training for volunteers, programming issues, and the program schedule.

Pam McDonald, Director of Development (ext. 104)

Pam McDonald, Director of Development

After serving as a volunteer reader for two years, Pam McDonald became Director of Development for AINC in 1997. She also serves as a liaison to the Board of Directors. Pam earned her B.A. in English and Home Economics from Western Kentucky University. She taught junior/senior high school English and Journalism in Indiana and she was an assistant librarian in Louisville, Kentucky. After moving to Boulder, Colorado in 1983 she worked at the Betty Crocker High Altitude Test Kitchen and did extensive volunteer work with Girl Scouts, Boulder Public Library, Carnegie Library, the Colorado Music Festival, AINC and public schools.

Contact Pam if you have questions about grants, magazine and newspaper subscriptions that are read on AINC or suggestions for new programs. 

Rossana Longo Better, Director of Spanish Language Services, (ext. 114)

Rossana Longo Better

Rossana attended the Bilingual American School in Ecuador, and has a Bachelor of Arts, Journalism and Mass Communication from the Universidad San Francisco of Quito.

In her country of origin, she wrote, edited and published several magazine articles on topics that ranged from economics to culture. Since she moved to the United States with her family, she has worked as an interpreter in medical hospitals throughout the Denver area. She has extensive volunteer experience in public schools and excels as a conversational teacher in Spanish Language. Rossana is passionate about theater, photography, yoga, meditation and dancing.

Contact Rossana for issues related to Public Relations, Marketing, Media Outreach, Networking and building partnerships to better serve the Latino Community through AINC’s services.

Katy Todd, Chief Production Engineer, (ext.105)

Katy Todd photo

Katy was born in Phoenix Arizona, and raised in Colorado, Washington and Oregon, where she attended Washington State School for the Blind. Katy was an intern with the Audio Information Service of Colorado from June to December of 2009, while she was attending Colorado Center for the Blind.

In 2010 Katy taught the Technology, and Braille module at the Colorado Center of the Blind for the summer session, and again in 2017.

In September of 2017 Katy was hired as Chief Production Engineer at the Audio Information Network of Colorado.

Katy's hobbies include reading, writing, and archiving. She loves the writings of J.K.Rowling, and her favorite books are the Harry Potter series. Katy loves mysteries both in movies, television series, and in books, but her favorite movies are about animals. Katy lives with Tytus, her feline companion, and buddy.


Matt Kissane, Listener Services Coordinator (ext. 108)

Photo of Matt Kissane, Listener Services Coordinator

Matt studied journalism at Columbia College Chicago and worked a semester internship for the Chicagoland Radio Information Service (CRIS), the area’s reading service for the blind. He wrote for several local weeklies and drove for UPS for 13 years before moving to Boulder with his wife, Becky, in 2004.  He began volunteering for AINC in January 2010 and became an AINC employee in 2014.

Contact Matt to register for services, with questions about AINC equipment, or to schedule a time for equipment set-up.

Gina Rivera, Administrative Assistant (ext.100)

Photo of Gina Rivera, Administrative Assistant

Gina received an Associate Degree in Multi-Media from Front Range Community College in May 2016.  She is currently attending Colorado State University in Fort Collins for a Bachelor Degree in Journalism.  She became an AINC employee in October 2016.  Fluent in Spanish, Gina collaborates with Rossana Longo Better to promote AINC’s Spanish language programming.  She also conducts AINC’s annual listener surveys.

Contact Gina with general questions, for assistance in Spanish, or to complete a listener survey.