Below are instructions for listening to AINC's shows in Podcast format: To receive podcasts on a computer or mobile device, software called a podcatcher is used to subscribe and download them. Since the AINC podcasts are password protected a podcatcher must support these subscriptions.   Your choice will depend on the device on which you will be running the podcatcher.

MS Windows

For users of Windows computers, AINC strongly recommends Accessible Podcatcher. Unlike most aggregators, Accessible Podcatcher is able to subscribe to password-protected podcasts. It also plays well with text synthesizers like WindowEyes. Others that will work on Windows are Qcast andJuice.

Install Accessible Podcatcher (for Windows XP and 7)
   1. First, you will need to install Accessible Podcatcher. This is simple. Follow the link install Accessible Podcatcher to start the installation process. Choose 'Save File' from the window that will pop up. This will save the file 'podcatcher.msi' to your default download folder. Find the file in the download folder and run it. This will install Accessible Podcatcher and put it in the program group Accessible and WebbIE on the Start menu.

   2. Now Run Accessible Podcatcher (it will be in a program group called "Accessible and WebbIE"). Add the AINC Podcast Accessible Podcatcher's list of available podcasts..
         1. Click the "Podcasts" menu, or key in ALT-C.
         2. Click "Add Podcast" or key in the letter A.
         3. Type in or copy/paste the name of the Podcast:AINC Podcast

            Hit ENTER.
         4. Type in or copy/paste the web address of the Podcast:

            Hit GET PODCAST.

You will have to login.

Now you have the AINC Podcast bookmarked in Accessible Podcatcher. To listen, simply choose AINC from your list of bookmarked podcasts and hit ENTER to list all the shows available. (You will be prompted for your Username and Password.) To listen to a show, choose it from the list and hit ENTER. Or, you can use the Export command under the File menu to download the shows to your computer for transfer to your iPod or other portable MP3 player.

Qcast is another accessible podcatcher that runs on Windows. (This list is not comprehensive.)


Users of Apple Macintosh systems running OSX may use the podcatchers  Qcast and  Downcast .(This list is not comprehensive.)

iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad)

Users of Apple iPhones or iPads running iOS may use the podcatchers Downcast and RSSRadio (free). They can be found directly by searching on the Apple App Store. (This list is not comprehensive.)