Steve has covered nearly half of the States so far!

Volunteer Steve's "48 States for a Cause" Motorcycle Ride Benefits AINC

Steve Mathews has begun his 8,000 mile motorcycle ride he calls "48 States for a Cause". Volunteer reader Steve Mathews will ride his motorcycle to all of the lower 48 states to benefit The Audio Information Network of Colorado. Steve Mathews Started in Nebraska and is cruising in a giant loop around the United States, and finishing in Boulder, Colorado. This is the second ultramarathon ride the volunteer has done for the Audio Information Network of Colorado.  Last August, he completed the 11,000 Miles for a Cause ride and raised about $1200 in support of out organization. Steve will be riding alongside his brother, Thomas, who is raising money for Deaf Hope Child. Steve is taking donations on his Colorado Gives Day web page and on his  48 States for a Cause" Facebook page. 



"My brother, Thomas Mathews, and I are combining our passion for nonprofit organizations with our passion for long distance motorcycle riding. After riding together on many long distance trips just for the challenge of it, we decided to add more purpose to our adventures by riding to support and draw attention to worthy nonprofits.

In 2018, we are back at it with another long distance ride to support these worthy nonprofits by riding through all 48 contiguous states in one trip. It will take about two weeks and 8,000 miles. The trip begins September 2 in Omaha, Nebraska, and ends in Boulder, Colorado, where AINC is headquartered. I'm calling this adventure, "48 States for a Cause" and the motto is "48 States, 2 Wheels, 1 Hope." We are inviting you to follow the progress of our ride on social media and I am encouraging you to conider a donation to the great work of AINC. I'll have more information about AINC and how to donate in future posts."           

      -Steve Mathews