AINC has free programming for a wide range of Colorado Residents:


AINC programming includes over 100 regional newspapers, magazines, grocery and discount ads, and other specialized shows.Our programming is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have 4 different broadcasts taylored to area and language:

1. Denver/Northern Colorado

2. Grand Junction/Durango/Western Slope

3. Colorado Springs/Pueblo

4. Spanish Language broadcast. 

There are several ways to listen to our programming. Please register here by completing a short, optional listener form. By registering and being counted as a listener, you enable us to receive grant funding and keep our services free.

To access a program schedule click here.

To access the audio program schedule click here.

Online options: access live stream or programs on demand through the internet

  • Live streaming
  • Programs on Demand 
  • Podcast 

On-demand internet program service—You can use our on-demand program file service to access our programs whenever you want. This service allows you to use your browser to listen on-demand to the program of your choice, download its audio file to your computer, or create a bookmark or reading list item that you can use to retrieve it easily in the future. You will need to register with us to get an access code. Once you have the code, you select the program or programs you want from the program index on our audio file server. Click here now to access our on-demand program index. More instructions follow on that page.

Pre-tuned Digital Receiver: access the live streams, this does not require internet

The pre-tuned digital receiver operates with a simple on/off/volume switch to access the live broadcast specific to your region. If you want to listen to a specific program, you will need to tune in at the time it is broadcast. We will send you a receiver upon request. If you need assistance setting it up, we can help you do so by visiting your home.

Telephone: access the live stream or programs on demand through your telephone

  • Live broadcast—Our live continuous programming is broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To listen live, dial 303-786-7777 or toll free at 877-443-2001. Then press one of the following: ‘5’ for the Spanish Language broadcast; ‘6’ for the Denver/Northern Colorado regional broadcast; ‘7’ for the Grand Junction broadcast; or ‘8’ for the Colorado Springs/Pueblo broadcast.
  • Information on Demand system—To access specific programs from our broadcast, you can use the Information-On-Demand Telephone System. (IOD). You will need to register with us to get an access code. Then, dial 303-786-7777 or toll free at 877-443-2001. At the menu, please press ‘1’. Then enter your access code to reach the menu options. Follow the instructions to reach the program of your choice. Click here for the complete menu.

Smartphone and Amazon Echo/Google Home:

AINC broadcasts are available through an the TuneIn App on smartphones, and the Tunin Skill on Echo/Google Home. 

Please call our studios at dial 303-786-7777 or toll free at 877-443-2001 for more information, to register, or to request free equiptment.