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To assist you in listening to the broadcasts, AINC can provideĀ pre-tuned digital receivers, wifi recievers, speaker telephones and MP3 players upon request and free of charge. If you would like to request equipment, need your current equipment repaired, or would like to return equipment, click here. You can also call our studios at 303-786-7777 or toll free at 877-443-2001.

Pre-tuned Digital Receiver

AINC provides pre-tuned digital receivers at no cost to our listeners. This is the most popular listening option for many of our listeners. We will send you a receiver upon request. If you need assistance setting it up, we can help you do so by visiting your home. The receiver operates with a simple on/off/volume switch to access the live broadcast specific to your region. If you want to listen to a specific program, you will need to tune in at the time it is broadcast. Please see a program schedule for more information.

Amazon Echo

A smart speaker is a speaker and voice command device with an integrated virtual assistant, Alexa, that offers interactive and hands free activation. AINC can loan a Amazon Echo for free to listeners who qualify. The echo will be pre-programmed with an AINC skill that will allow you to ask for your favorite audio publications by voice on AINC.

Wifi RecieverĀ 

AINC can provide a Wifi Reciever for those who have internet access and would like to be able to access all 4 streaming services.

MP3 players

AINC provides MP3 players upon request. The programming will need to be loaded onto the MP3 periodically, so some listeners would need assistance from family or friends with this option.

Large Button Speakerphone

AINC provides free speakerphone telephones upon request so that you can access the telephone programming options listed above.