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Below are instructions for listening to AINC's shows in Podcast format: Software called a podcatcher is used to subscribe and download podcasts on a computer or mobile device. Since the AINC podcasts are password protected a podcatcher must support these subscriptions.   Your choice will depend on the device on which you will be running the podcatcher.

Subscribing to AINC Podcasts

AINC podcasts are recordings of broadcast programs that can be played at a time and place you choose. By subscribing to an AINC podcast, you will easily be able to see when new episodes are available and even have them automatically downloaded to your device. Subscriptions are configured by first installing the appropriate podcatcher software and then accessing the AINC Podcast Directory.  A valid username and password are required to view this page. 

AINC Podcast Directory

AINC provides podcasts structured like the AINC IOD Publication Guide. There are podcasts for each IOD Code under each IOD Main Menu Item. These podcast for each code contains the programs for the subcodes under that code. For example, Code 1 under Main Menu 1 is Colorado State Newspapers, and the corresponding podcast contains programs for the Denver Post, the High Country News, and the Denver Metro News. (Please note that not all programs available on IOD are podcast.)

The AINC Podcast Directory contains the descriptions and URLs for the AINC podcasts. It is constructed as a set of tables one for each IOD Main Menu item. The rows in each table indicate the IOD Code, the name of the podcast, a brief description of the content of the code, and the URL used to subscribe to the podcast.

Subscribing on Computers and Mobile Devices

MS Windows

For users of MS Windows computers, AINC strongly recommends Accessible Podcatcher. The following is the description of the software provided by its website: "Accessible Podcatcher (formerly Accessible Podcaster) is a simple way for blind and screen reader users to use podcasts. Podcasting is a way to distribute audio files on the web. Accessible Podcatcher lets you access these podcasts. You can listen to them, forward and rewind, save particular items to disk, and export and import lists of podcasts to send to other people. 

Install Accessible Podcatcher

First, you will need to install Accessible Podcatcher. This is simple. Follow the link to install Accessible Podcatcher to start the installation process. Choose 'Save File' from the window that will pop up. This will save the file 'podcatcher.msi' to your default download folder. Find the file in the download folder and run it. This will install Accessible Podcatcher and put it in the program group Accessible and WebbIE on the Start menu.

Now Run Accessible Podcatcher (it will be in a program group called "Accessible and WebbIE").  Add the AINC Podcast Accessible Podcatcher's list of available podcasts.

  1. Click the "Podcasts" menu or key in ALT-C.
  2. Click "Add Podcast" or key in the letter A.
  3. Type in or copy/paste the name of the AINC Podcast (whatever you like or the name from column two of the AINC Podcast Directory). For example, the name given to the podcast for Colorado State Newspapers is "AINC Colorado State Newspapers Podcast."  Hit ENTER.
  4. Type in or copy/paste the URL of the podcast you have chosen. This is column 4 of the AINC Podcast Directory. For example for the podcast for the AINC, Colorado State Newspapers Podcast is   Hit GET PODCAST.

You will have to login.

Now you have your chosen AINC podcast bookmarked in Accessible Podcatcher. To listen, just select the podcast name from your list of bookmarked podcasts and hit ENTER to list all the shows available. (You will be prompted for your Username and Password.) To listen, choose the show you want to hear from the list and hit ENTER. Or, you can use the Export command under the File menu to download the shows to your computer for transfer to your iPod or another portable MP3 player.

Qcast and Juice are other accessible podcatchers that run on Windows. (This list is not comprehensive.) Apple iTunes can also be used to subscribe to AINC podcasts on Windows. Its use is described in the next section.

Mac OSX and MS Windows

Apple Computer's iTunes (free) can be installed on computers using either MacOSX or Microsoft Windows.

Install iTunes: Navigate to the Apple iTunes site. Download the iTunes software by selecting the download button. (The file is about 250MB and may take a while to download depending on the speed of your internet connection.) Find the downloaded file in your Downloads folder and run it. At the Welcome to iTunes screen, select Next and choose Install on the next screen. Select Finish when the Congratulations screen appears. 

When you open iTunes for the first time,  it prompts you to accept their terms and conditions. After accepting, you are prompted to choose whether or not to share details about your library with others. You can choose "No Thanks" to decline.

Subscribe to AINC Podcasts with iTunes: To subscribe to an AINC podcast, choose "Subscribe to Podcast" on the iTunes File menu and then type in or copy and paste the selected AINC podcast URL into the window.  (This URL is the fourth column in the AINC Podcast Directory.) Select "OK" then enter your AINC username (subscriber#) and password (security#) when log into the podcast server.

By default, you will see the latest unplayed show of the podcast. Choosing the Feeds view will show you all the shows that are available for downloading and listening. You will find the show you're looking for in this list. Download it if it hasn't been downloaded automatically.

Users of Apple Macintosh systems running OSX may also use the podcatchers  Qcast and Downcast.(This list is not comprehensive.)

iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad)

iPad, iPhone, and iPod users who have subscribed to AINC podcasts using iTunes on desktop or laptop computers (see the previous section) can also play AINC podcasts using the Apple Podcast app which is installed on devices by default on such devices. Their iTunes subscriptions can then be synced to the podcast app via iTunes on a computer and then played on the mobile device.

Users of Apple iPhones or iPads running iOS may use the podcatchers Downcast and RSSRadio (free). They can be found in the Apple App Store. (This list is not comprehensive.)  On either podcatcher, the subscription process is similar to those described above.